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Public Advocates in Community re-Entry (PACE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Marion County Indiana that provides services exclusively to individuals with felony convictions. PACE seeks to provide services and resources to enable those returning citizens to become law abiding, productive and responsible members of society. PACE believes in second chances through opening doors and providing opportunities for each individual to become personally successful. PACE also believes that offender reentry is something that affects the entire community and is based in public safety.

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What Is Offender Re-Entry?

"The use of programs targeted at promoting the effective reintegration of offenders back to the communities upon release from prison and jail. Reentry programming, which often involves a comprehensive case management approach, is intended to assist offenders in acquiring the life skills needed to success in the community and become law-abiding citizens." (Office of Justice Programs, Department of Justice)

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2014 Annual Report


What is PACE about?

Client Success

Jon had no criminal history, was happily married and had a small child when he was sentenced to two years in prison in June of 2009. Before he was released, his wife passed away of a heart attack at the age of 29, leaving their small baby girl to be raised by her grandparents. Jon fought for custody of his daughter while in prison and won. He regained parental rights upon his release but soon had to face another potentially life altering situation: his house was in foreclosure.

Jon came to PACE in 2010. He went through the program and proved to the staff that he was willing to work hard and get a job. He told his case manager his house was in foreclosure and he was desperate to find a job that would allow him to save his home.

He found employment at Andy Mohr in April of 2010 where he stayed for three and a half years, which in turn enabled him to save his house. While working at Andy Mohr he obtained degrees in Business and in Information Technology. Jon went on to receive his CDL license through Work One. Finally, Jon found himself working as a truck driver and making a very good living.

Today Jon is living in his house (yes, the one that was in foreclosure), employed at US Xpress, enjoying life with his second wife and watching his daughter and youngest son grow. Jon continues to stay in touch with PACE, especially with his case manager.

"Through all his ups and downs he has never stopped sending me messages showing his gratitude for the help that he received here at PACE and sharing updates about his life. He's a good man who has turned his life around and gotten back on track! I'm happy for him!"

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